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Efficient approach to commercially available reagents for the synthesis of advanced molecules for HTS, hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs seems to be a 'key' for successful start of any drug discovery project. Demand for fine chemicals representing wide variety of chemotypes and allowing easy modification via different functional groups has been rather high lately and will increase in the future as it allows to speed up project development and therefore reduce its cost. Following this tendency, production and purveyance of small molecules has become the main focus of Selena Chemicals.

Catalogue of low molecular weight compounds offered by Selena contains more than 1 million items. Our database can be used to complement existing libraries of initial reagents for synthesis or serves as absolutely new starting point for implementation of novel ideas. Unique integrated manufacturing capabilities enable our company to control every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material through chemical processing and final inspection, so that customers receive high-quality products. Thorough quality control is performed for every produced compound using industry-standard LC/MS and NMR spectrometers.

Usually Selena supplies compounds on 0.5-10 g scale, but larger or smaller quantities can be requested. We readily resynthesize compounds if needed. Products are delivered via the most appropriate courier service provider operating in your area.

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